Dear Overseas Alumni:


At the time of the tough and difficult domestic epidemic, you have been in aforeign country worrying about relatives and friends, compatriots, and your almamater. You have been going around crying for help for the motherland’s epidemicand post medial supplies. We are deeply proud of your patriotism!

As one of the earliest international bilingual schools in South China, C.H.E.S has cultivated
graduates over the past 26 years, including foreign students and overseas Chinese students from the UK, the US, Canada,
Australia,Europe, South America, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. These graduate alumni arenow located all over the world, either studying or working.

Now,as the global epidemic situation becomes severe, your alma mater and teachersare always interested in every alumni who is living or studying abroad. We hopeyou will pay attention to the epidemic situation in time, calmly respond, and ensureyour health and safety. Here, the alma mater sends a warm blessing and tips:

Be firm and confident.

We hope that you will establish a belief in the victory over the epidemic and understand the epidemic with a scientific attitude. Do not believe the rumor; Do notspread the rumor; Do not get slack and do not panic. Among the complex andcomplicated information, the epidemic should be viewed with wisdom and reason,and be dealt with
more courage and calmness.

Cherish life and scientific protection.

We hope that you will increase your awareness of epidemic prevention and controland self-protection, cooperate with your country, region and school'santi-epidemic guidelines, and actively take effective protective measures. Try to minimize unnecessary outing and avoid going to crowded places. Seek medical treatmentas soon as uncomfortable symptoms such as fever and cough occur.

Comprehensive research and judgment to maintain linkage.

We hope that you will always maintain close contact with your family and alumniwho are also overseas, help each other, and pay attention to current events. If you have any difficulties, please contact the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in atimely manner, and your alma mater will do everything possible to help you. We hope you will comprehensively judge the information to decide whether to returnto China and measure the risk coefficient of long-distance travel. If you plan to return to your country, you must protect yourself in the process ofreturning home, truthfully declare your health status, and cooperate with the quarantine department to do the health and quarantine work.

Calm the mind and focus on your studies.

" Learned and Trustworthy, Innovative and Dedicated " is our schoolmotto, and it is also a symbol of ChinaHong KongEnglish school alumni. There is a well-known saying in ancient times that adversity is a good teacher. If weare temporarily unable to change our surroundings, let this be the best opportunity for us to reflect and meditate, and use online learning to turn itinto an enhancement of our learning ability. Taking advantage of this period ofmeditation, work hard to better enrich yourself in the hope of becoming afriendly messenger to spread friendship and playing an active role in promoting the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.

An epidemic made us witness the powerful forces of the people of the whole countryworking together, which has overcome the epidemic preliminarily. We havewitnessed the friendship and mutual help between countries and people, whichmade us more determined to win this war with confidence and resolution. We areconvinced that after the epidemic, as President Xi said, globalization is thegeneral trend and irreversible. The current customs clearance and isolation are only temporary. The community with a shared future for mankind advocated byPresident Xi is always the right goal. Your health and safety is the alma mater’s greatest wish. The school is willing to share the fate and go through this difficult time with you together. No matter where you are, please remember tha tthe motherland and your alma mater will always be your strongest backing!

We sincerely hope that all alumni will be in good health and great progress in your study and career!

All teachers from China
Hong KongEnglish School